A smart and simple tool to improve dental health through resistance training

A smart and simple tool to improve dental health through resistance training

How to use the Jawcerciser

1. Place either end of the Jawcerciser between your upper and lower teeth. Hold theUsing the Jawcerciser opposite end of the Jawcerciser in your hand. Chew Jawcerciser on one side of your mouth for about one minute, and then alternate to the other side.

2. Chew on Jawcerciser for 1–3 minutes (or longer) daily for a healthy mouth.

3. Rinse Jawcerciser with clean water after each use and dry with a towel. Do not place Jawcerciser in steam sterilizers, dishwashers, or boiling water.


Helpful Hints

  • Try both ends of exerciser in turn — the ends are shaped and sized differently to better accommodate individual needs.

  • You may use Jawcerciser after a meal, in the shower, while reading a book, in front of your computer or TV, etc.

  • Try using two exercisers simultaneously to work both sides of the jaw.

  • Children can greatly benefit from using the Jawcerciser. Studies show that use of Jawcerciser by children can eliminate the need for braces and the removal of wisdom teeth later in life by helping them form a healthy jawbone structure.


  • Jawcerciser is not intended to replace professional dental care.
  • Keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision.
  • All natural rubber and silicone Jawcerciser can weaken after one to two months of regular use and should be replaced.
  • Do not expose Jawcerciser to excessive heat or direct sunlight for an extended period of time.
  • Keep your Jawcerciser in a dry place.
  • Regularly check the Jawcerciser integrity. If you notice a crack or any other signs of wear, DISCONTINUE USE. Replace after one to two months of recommended use.